Biology - Introduction - Primary - 2

Main highlights for Biology studies at all ages: 

  • Biology is divided into two areas: botany (the study of plants) and zoology (the study of animals), otherwise known as the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom. 
  • Characteristics of living matter are as follows: movement, nutrition, reproduction, growth, response to the environment.
  • In presenting the biology materials in the casa, we must remember the following points:
  •   The child must be allowed to explore and follow his natural tendencies.
  •   The child explores through his senses.
  •   The absorbent mind is able to take in the whole of the culture.
  •   Words are important and powerful.
  •   There must be a connection between the materials in the environment and the outside world.
  • The human race has been entrusted with stewardship over all the earth. It is the responsibility of the adult to foster a natural respect for life as well as a love for all natural things. This fostering is not done arbitrarily or with a particular set of lessons - it is a way of life and a natural fact of the environment into which the child is placed: 

Both the indoor and the outdoor environments 
should be 
thoughtfully and purposefully 
created and prepared 
for the child.

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