Great Lessons - Materials

Within AMI (American Montessori Internationale), the following is a description of the materials for the 5 core Great Lessons to establish Cosmic Education in the elementary Montessori environment.

God with No Hands

  • 4 impressionistic charts
  • materials for 6 demonstrations
  • NOTE: There used to be a 5th chart (solar system) which has been pulled to use at another time (a follow-up telling of the story)
  • NOTE: There used to be far more demonstrations (experiments is a misnomer in this case) which were pulled out to use as follow-ups, thus allowing the story to focus on the core keys, with plenty left for re-tellings and review - going deeper and encouraging a return to the Great Lesson. 

Coming of Life

  • 2 impressionistic charts
  • Timeline of Life (a mute version of the Timeline of Life is a follow-up work)

Coming of Human Beings

  • No materials
  • The focus is on the human connection itself - particularly on love; the children can look at their own arms and legs to see that they do not have specialized protection as animals do. 
  • Note: The two timelines called "First Timeline of Human Beings" and "Second Timeline of Human Beings" are follow-up work in the history album. They are not part of this Third Great Lesson. 

Communication in Signs

  • 8 impressionistic charts showing the changes of writing styles through time and civilizations


  • 8 impressionistic charts showing the changes of numbers through time and civilizations

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