Grammar Boxes - Emphasis - Writing

From AMI Montessori Training Notes: 

The grammar boxes provide for a manipulative activity – they are not a written exercise. Repeat: They are not a written exercise. That is the fastest way to kill the fun that the children should have with this material.

Writing something out is a great way to review and internalize - the children have already acted out the sentences; brought any noted materials; manipulated the cards, transposed, re-constructed, symbolized the sentence/phrase; and repeated for the contents of that box. It sounds like they've done a LOT already!

Now, if the child chooses to write them out and illustrate them - GREAT! Do NOT make it a requirement or a chore, but if this is their way of extending the work, go for it. There are plenty of other places for writing practice in this area that can provide feedback on what the child has understood - and since this is primarily a lower elementary activity, there is plenty of time for assimilation. 

The work with the grammar boxes and associated activities is designed to lay a strong foundation for the love of grammar study in the years to come. 

Keep it fun and interesting - humorous in a healthy manner. And you will have a child with a life-long love of language. 

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