Biology - Introduction - Elementary - Synopsis - 1

This elementary introduction is much longer than what is presented here!

When we present biology, we present it in a way that is consistent with the lessons of cosmic education. This means we want to give a vision of the whole and put plants and animals into perspective with that whole. We treat biology as part and parcel of the process of life on earth. Therefore we present it in relationship to other factors that influence biology. We begin to introduce the child to the inter-relationships between plants and the earth, plants and other plants, and between plants and animals.

The child has been introduced to geography lessons and with those, has learned about the ever-changing earth. She has learned how the earth has been prepared to support life. When you have plants and animals in your classroom, you complete the developing pictures for the child. She can see the universe in its totality. Plants and animals can then provide opportunities that help the children develop their human potentials and allow them to express their human tendencies.

We find that in biology, as in other areas, we do not need a lecture or a textbook. 
We need real life experiences from which the children draw conclusions.

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