Normalization - Walking on the Line and Silence Game

Walking on the Line is the point of departure for the process of normalization. 

It brings children into a state of normalization.

It should be done consistently from the beginning of the primary experience, and is useful even in elementary.
(have ADHD kids? set up a permanently available walking on the line)

The Silence Game is the point of arrival. 

It cannot be done by children who have not yet been prepared.

It should not be done on the first day of class with new children. Some of the children can do it, but it's not because they yet have a state of normalization. They just know to obey the new teacher. Gain their trust first, because we want them to be open to a light touch on their shoulder or cheek; this sort of touch is not appropriate for a new adult in their lives.

Have a class or a group of children with a mixed state of readiness? The ones not ready can take a short walk with an assistant (or an older sibling) while the other children play the Silence Game.

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