Grammar - Nouns

In her book that is not yet translated into English, Psycho-grammar, Dr. Montessori asks us to take a different approach to this role of language. Connect it to history and tell a story: 

In the universe we have the force of energy and of matter. She symbolized matter by referring to the noun – the name of things – and the enduring history that nouns have. They are probably one of the oldest parts of speech. 

We know that things in the environment had to be named, so that people could communicate about those things. And in most cases, the names of things, once given, have stuck – they’ve stayed with those objects. 

Well, because of the enduring nature of nouns and names, she took the pyramid as the symbol for this part of speech. The pyramid is one of the oldest, most enduring buildings on earth. They have lasted for years and years and years. The pyramid is a building that is stable on its base - they seem to stand eternally. Now, this pyramid will stay anywhere it is put – until it is moved elsewhere, where it will sit until I move it again. (when presenting this story, the adult will actually move and place the pyramid).  

In the grammar symbols, we use an equilateral triangle (each face of the pyramid).

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