Montessori and Independent Learning

Montessori is not independent learning. 

Independent learning and independent activities can be developed, even in "Montessori-style", but it is not Montessori.

These things are good - and can be wonderful - and can certainly be utilized in proper balance in a Montessori environment. But let's call them what they are: independent learning activities.

Montessori is independent, co-dependent, community, self, the world, the universe: it is SO much bigger than "independent learning activities."

Let's put Montessori into a properly sized box, shall we ;)

Montessori is cosmic education. 

Read this article from For Small Hands on Cosmic Education for another insight.

Cosmic Education is heaviest at the elementary level, but begins in infancy and pre-birth when we begin to prepare for the child's environment and life.

It continues throughout life, if we are going to support life. Life that is interconnected, interwoven - cosmic.

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