Biology - Introduction - Primary - 1

John Muir: When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it is attached to the rest of the world.

            According to Dr. Montessori, the function of biology in the casa is to arouse an interest in nature and the multiplicity of its phenomena by giving an order and an orientation to help the children, so they can intelligently recognize and appreciate the basic order underlying all of these phenomena. In The Montessori Method, she outlines how we can aid the child in developing his relationship with nature:
  1. The child is initiated into observation of the phenomena of life, utilizing the keys provided in the casa to understand his relationship with other living species.
  2. The child is initiated into foresight by way of auto-education.
  3. The child is initiated into the virtue of patience and into confident expectation which is a form of faith and a philosophy of life.
  4. The child is inspired with a feeling for nature.
  5. The child follows the natural development of the human race. The evolution of the individual harmonizes with humanity.

Biology information applies to all ages from infancy, toddler, primary, to elementary, adolescence and adulthood. 

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