Cultural Album in Primary

Culture: This is an area where every album organization is going to differ.

Some albums have culture in its own album; others keep the cultural activities in their associated subject areas.

Culture includes geography (location, climate), expression (music, language, mathematics), clothing and way of life.

Look at Geography: there is a sensorial component (the globes, the folders or drawers depicting various aspects of life), a language component and a practical life component.

In Music, there is a sensorial component (sounds, pitches, striking the bells in a particular manner, rhythm) and a language component (communication by music, singing songs, scales and note names).

The entire Exercises of Practical Life is culturally-centered, since it focuses on the child's particular culture; then expands from there. A child in the Western Pacific countries is going to have practical life concerning chopsticks before they have a practical life activity utilizing forks. A child in the Americas or in Europe or in most parts of Africa is going to receive presentations including the fork, and learn about the chopsticks at 4 or 5. There are the dressing frames and learning how to live in one's particular culture and later learning other cultures.

Language is entirely cultural. And mathematics is nothing but a language of numbers.

So to have a cultural album, seems to imply that culture is a separate subject, when truly it is imbued into every aspect of the child's life.

Cultural - geography: So we have sensorial aspects of geography (the globes, maps, introduction to the land/water forms) in Sensorial Aspects of Geography within the Sensorial album.

We'll then have corresponding language in the language album (and language area of the classroom).

The children should have gleaned certain skills from EPL before doing some of the geography work, and in elementary many of their practical life skills to be learned include reading and using maps to get around on Goings Out, studying history and such.

Cultural  - music: In music, we'll have the bells in the auditory section of the sensorial album; and the corresponding language in the Musical Expression section of the Language album.

Cultural - art: In art, we will have basic skills in their section of the Exercises of Practical Life album (and area), then incorporate those skills across all subject areas.

An introduction to Cosmic Education! Every subject is interconnected.

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