Remedial Mathematics and Remedial Language

Montessori remediation is a bridge. 

In our society, we think of remediation in a negative light. The child is deficient in some way, his previous experience was impoverished, whatever conclusion one reaches - it is always negative.

In Montessori, it is a simply a bridge to assist the children getting from where they are now to where they need to be at a particular plane of development.

Children new to Montessori at elementary and in need of reading and math skills? They need some mathematics and language skills to entirely gain from cosmic education, but they should still participate in all other aspects of the environment, including the Great Lessons. They should NOT be held back from any other area just because math, reading and writing skills aren't where they could be.

Many times those other experiences are exactly the path they need back into mathematics and language arts.

Give them cosmic education. We fill their other needs so that they are not paralyzed, and we provide experiences that provide an impetus for utilizing those mathematics and language skills.

Meet them where they are.

Follow the child.

Know where the child is and should be (plane of development characteristics, human needs and tendencies - other theoretical aspects) - so that you can follow the child appropriately.

Montessori remediation is a bridge.

Remediation album pages are found at the end of the appropriate albums so that the teachers and parents don't START there; but if you find a child isn't able to keep up with the early mathematics work or is not reading or is not writing well, then you refer to the remedial mathematics or the remedial language sections for JUST and ONLY what the child needs. BUT KEEP COSMIC EDUCATION GOING.
(so many teachers keep the child separated, so this last line cannot be over-emphasized!).

Remediation = Bridge.

Cosmic education - happens for the 2nd plane child no matter what.


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