Cursive or Print - 4

When choosing between print or cursive at any age, consider Montessori's own words in response to a popular method at her time of teaching capital print letters first:

This method for teaching one how to write illustrates the tortuous ways we follow in teaching because of our tendency to complicate matters. It resembles the tendency that we have to put a high value only on complicated things. ... Will not a child have to make an effort to forget printed, in order to learn cursive letters? And would it not be simpler to begin with the latter?

The Discovery of the Child by Dr. Maria Montessori, chapter 14


  1. Do you do sandpapaer letters in cursive? Do you use a curriculum or workbook for learning cursive?

  2. is a post on Montessori Trails with our home usage of the movable alphabets.

    I use the AMI Primary Language albums as my guide for utilizing the materials. It could be called the curriculum (but don't tell AMI trainers I said that ;) more precisely the curriculum in each child).