Numerical Values of Squares by Montessori

Colors of the Numbers
1 - red
2 - green
3 - pink
4 -  yellow
5 - light blue
6 - purple
7 - white
8 - brown
9 - dark blue
10 - gold

Each number corresponds to the bead bars - there are boxes and sets of bead bars for various materials and works.

The numerical value of the squares: 
1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81, 100

Each square has a corresponding SHORT chain of that number of bead bars linked together to fold up to make the square. (so 8 bead bars are linked together so that the fold up to a square)
The short chain lays flat on a horizontal plane.

The numerical value of the cubes:

Each cube has a corresponding LONG chain of that number of bead bards, linked together to fold up to make a row of squares, with larger links to indicate the end of each square formation.
Each cube also has a corresponding number of squares which, when stacked, form the cube. These lay flat, behind the sections of the short chain laying down.

So when they hang in the bead cabinet, you see the squares of which the cube is composed, hanging down below that cube. When those squares are stacked up, you have the cube.

You can see the squares from across the room.
What a BEAUTIFUL visual! and preparation for later work. 

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