Adolescence - Third Plane of Development

There are many questions about how to apply the Montessori method to the third plane of development.

There are no solid answers, since every child is unique as is every situation.

Some universal and general principles to consider:

  • the Montessori approach is about respect for life, meeting the needs and tendencies as differently expressed at every stage of life, and a balance of freedom and responsibility
  • at every age, we want connection with real life, a building upon the past plane and a foundation for the next - while fulfilling needs and tendencies NOW, at THIS age. 
  • preparation for adolescence (in the primary and elementary years) will include fulfilling both the first plane and second plane of development as much as possible; providing skills and intellectual knowledge at the times appropriate for maximize the child's potentials. Art skills, language skills, history studies, cosmic education. 
  • The adolescent is looking for his place in the grand scheme of things; has ideas that are grand; yet has crazy things going on with bodily development, so less mental capacity for continued learning at the same rate as elementary. 
Please contribute your ideas! 

If you have children ages 10 and up right NOW - we have an Adolescent Montessori discussion group starting at Keys of the Universe on June 21 - it is not too late to join. 

Later, we will add a discussion group for the general public. See this Montessori Trail post for more information. 

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