Is not this a common mistake?

Apply this idea to what you know of Montessori, to what you know of the children you have, to what you know of life in general.

A great deal of time and intellectual effort are wasted in the world because what is false seems great and what is true seems slight. 

The Discovery of the Child By Maria Montessori Chapter 14


  1. This is such a true statement. The things that keep many other teachers that I know, respect, and love, from coming to a greater understanding of why I love what I do in Montessori is this very thing. They put so much stock in what they see as great stuff, and unwittingly pass up the child in the process. It is the slight changes, and the 'slightness' of a child that truly is so great.

    We must be willing to pay great attention to the small things, and to the real needs and direction of a child in order to be successful in helping them to become great.

  2. Thank you for your insight! The truth is found in the quiet, small things of life isn't it? :)