Montessori Theory

doing a puzzle without a frame
(tessellations, that is the point;
Montessori details without the "big picture" - not so much)
When a person selects to attend a full-force Montessori training, they have a list of required readings. See this Montessori Nugget for a sampling of the required reading lists throughout AMI training centers in the United States.

And yet, every one of those training centers still require a theory album - to be created BY the trainee and submitted for review. Because the readings themselves don't yet bring it to a practical level of the day-to-day application of the method.

Yet there continues to be a resistance to accepting the importance (the crucial-ness) of theory album - at both primary and elementary levels. I would love to hear WHY this is the case :) Please comment if you have some input! Please share positive experiences, negative experiences, why you might not really "care" about having "another" theory source if you have/read all the books; or why you think some people might still be opposed to theory albums.

For further information:
  • Please see this Montessori Nugget on the importance of theory albums.
  • See this Montessori Nugget for the typical table of contents for primary Montessori albums and for elementary Montessori albums. 

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