Establishing Connections in Elementary - Cosmic Education

Cosmic Education is not an album on its own - it is a way of educating oneself and the child. It is more than just the Great Lesson - it is a way of interacting and considering interdependencies.

Great Lessons should start with a review of previous Great Lessons - while each Great Lesson is a stand-alone story, it is also connected with the others as part of a grander Whole.

The end of every Great Lesson should end with something along the lines of, "Thank you for participating in this story today - we will learn more on another day!"

Even Key Lessons (every lesson in the albums that are not Great Lessons) should quick-review what the child already knows, what has he been working on; and end with an invitation to more. More work/practice on the the skill involved because there will be another presentation and greater discoveries after that; or invitation to deeper work and contemplation; and an invitation to come for another presentation on another day.

Built-in gratitude for the child's participation - and one of our goals in cosmic education is to build gratitude for those people who came before us as well as a responsibility to share the gifts from those who came before with those who are with us now and those who will come after us.

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