Elementary Work Plan - to meet local educational requirements

Why do we have Montessori children doing work plans at the elementary level? 

Just ONE reason: 

Part of our commitment to the child’s acculturation is the attention we give to what is expected of the child in the society. Our environments should contain a public school curriculum detailing the goals for the local public school’s 9 and 12 year olds. 
(end of lower elementary, end of upper elementary)

Weekly meetings occur with the child about work that has been completed and begun and about these standards that need to be met. 

We can use or adapt our key lessons to help the child reach mastery of these expectations. There are some instances where we may have to create some additional keys to fulfill requirements, for example a lesson on the currency of our country. We do have to take care to be judicious in these situations, keeping in mind that any unnecessary help is a hindrance

In all instances, we should let the joy of discovery be the child’s.

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