Montessori Theory - 2

Thoughts shared with me via e-mail and other modes of communication:
  • It is required for trainees (to build this album) who are already fully dedicated to Montessori, in a course of study, working at Montessori schools. If it is important for THEM to have it, then it is important for US (homeschoolers, assistants, others who are wanting to do Montessori without access to a full training). 
  • Dr. Montessori herself did not depend on her own books alone when doing her courses; and her courses were not just "here is how to present the materials". The trainees still receive a LOT of what we today call "theory." So if she didn't depend on her own books for providing enough theory (and application of that theory), we shouldn't either!
  • A theory album pulls various writings together under one heading, so that all the writings (and oral traditions) on a particular topic can be seen together in one place instead of scattered across several books. 

Any other thoughts - yay or nay?

Why would the theory album be not so helpful to someone? That is my main question - I truly want to understand.

doing a puzzle without a frame
(tessellations, that is the point; Montessori details without the "big picture" - not so much)


  1. I've only just stumbled upon your few posts for the need of the Theory album. I'm very intrigued!

    1. Rebecca - I'm glad you found these posts :) I've been slowing down on new posts the last few months, but have a short list of questions to be covered - let me know if there is another topic I can cover ;)

  2. I'll take *anything*. I'm slowly reading every post you've made…back to the beginning. I have learned SOOOOOOO MUCH. They are all wonderfully helpful! Are you the one and the same that sells the Theory album? I see it on Etsy and the Keys of the World page, but they seem the same…I think??

    1. Yes, I have the theory albums posted at the following places:
      Keys of the World (primary and elementary)
      Keys of the Universe (elementary only - individual albums and as part of the "course")
      Garden of Francis
      Garden of Francis on Etsy
      sometimes on Ebay


  3. Okay, thank you. :) I'm interested in your entire set of the AMI, and I thought I read on one of the posts that there was a discount if you purchased the whole set. But, I'm actually a little confused on the Keys of the World ordering page…

    First, I didn't see a "whole set" order button (I'm intersted in digital), but then I didn't get why there is the 3-6 set, 6-12 set, THEN another set that is 3-12…I've never heard of 3-12, and I am unsure which one is the best for right now…

    In the future, I have planned to do your Keys of the Universe online course, and purchase those albums at that time (my daughter is only 3, so I was planning to wait until she's 5…)


  4. Sorry, this is a bit odd to be having a conversation via blog comments…

    but, I should have clarified I'm interested in the AMI Primary set. :)