Montessori Cube Primer

There are many cubes in the Montessori environments :)

Found in Primary (3-6):

Geometric Solids

Bead Cabinet: cube for each number 1-10

Golden Beads: cubes of 1,000

Wooden Hierarchical Material: cubes of 1,000 and 1,000,000

Binomial Cube

Trinomial Cube

Each of those items are found in both primary and elementary.

What is just in elementary?

Power of 2 Cube

Hierarchical Trinomial Cube (also called "Arithmetic Trinomial Cube" and "Algebraic Trinomial Cube" - all three are the SAME thing) --- there is a story called "The Three Kings" that connects the Trinomial into this new Trinomial with new colors and new concepts.

But no matter the environment, the Trinomial Cube cannot be substituted for the Hierarchical Trinomial Cube - because they teach different things and are colored differently. Sorry!   The good news, the Hierarchical Trinomial Cube isn't just TOO expensive. ;)

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