History - overview

Within what we call history is included recorded history and pre-history, including archaeology and paleontology.

Hand Timeline - to show history and pre-history
The important key is there must be a context, an overview, given first. Otherwise, there is just random jumping around with no cohesion or order for the children.

Therefore we present big to small, but within each plane of development
  • 1st plane (0-6): Keys to the World - In geography, we give them the globes at age 3 - the picture of the whole world - then we give the continents and cultural folders and flags, then the local country,  then the state or province or region, finally the local area around age 5 - where they start reading maps and can comprehend them. We've also been giving them the sensorial keys to the world so they can understand what is around them even if it is too far away to directly experience. They do not receive history lessons persay, but will be prepared for studying history in other ways, suitable to their development at this age: story-telling, sequencing, vocabulary of time, story of their lives, perhaps learning to track time. 
  • 2nd plane (6-12): Keys to the Universe - BEGIN with the Great Lessons with timelines - followed by the details, then back to the big picture before delving into another detail; interconnections between all subject areas. 

Archaeology: study of history and prehistory through excavations and study of artifacts
Paleontology: study of fossil plants and animals

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