Adult's Discipline

All Adults: The adult’s heart must be in the work. If the heart fails, the adult should step out to recharge, if possible, for a full return, rather than a complete denial of the authenticity of this method. Above all else, the adult must have faith in the method as it stands - before seeking to make any alterations. 

Classroom teachers: It takes great discipline on the part of the adult to implement this method. It takes three full years of working with the method in its fullness before becoming truly comfortable with it all. Over the course of three years, the adult will have seen the youngest child blossom into a very social being, working with reading, writing and math, as well as with social skills and virtues like no other education can provide. If a guide loses faith before this full three years and does not persevere anyway (bringing in outside/alternative materials, for example), discipline has been lost and the fullness that could be provided in that particular casa will not be attained.

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