Adult - Facing Difficulties in Implementing Montessori Principles

Facing Difficulties and Problems in Implementing the Method
            First Stage:
                   A. Spiritual
                   B. Observation
                   C. Intellectual, technical and physical
                   D. Have faith
                   E. Allow the child to reveal himself through his work.
            Second Stage:
                  A. The adult is the keeper and custodian of the environment –
                                    without this piece, nothing else can happen.
                  B. Don’t focus on the children when things aren’t working –
                                    focus on the environment in its detail.
                                    *When things are going right, note the environment: what is working?
                  C. Appearance: non-distracting, neat, function, comfort, professional, modest, clean
                  D. Movement: study movements – graceful, gentle, slow

            Third Stage: before concentration and normalization
                  A. Note how we behave towards children – unconditional respect.
                                    Entice the child – be like a flame that heartens and enlivens
                                                be warm, gain trust
                                    Be sweet as can be at first – gain trust and desire to return
                                                quickly become strict to assure and maintain standards
                                                then lighten up to allow the graces to flow

            Fourth Stage: when children show interest in their work
                     A. Do NOT interfere.
                                Don’t praise or do anything that draws attention away from the work itself.
                                    “Once concentration begins, act as if the child does not exist.”
                B. Only present new things when the child has exhausted every possibility of the work that came before.
                     C. The child’s development follows a path of successive stages of independence.

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