Cosmic Task 2

 (Throughout history, Man has) not been limited any particular territory or climate; he was destined to occupy the entire surface of the globe. 
Also, being endowed with his particular type of intelligence, he now begins to realise that he must have a cosmic task.  
SOURCE: Montessori Principles: Cosmic Education, Mario M. Montessori, AMI 1976
a 7-page booklet available through AMI, required reading for AMI Elementary Montessori training

Just as animals participate in the cosmos with their particular tasks; utilizing and ultimately changing the world around them, thus do human beings exercise stewardship over the entire earth, utilizing and changing it to suit their needs. This created nature is now a supranatura - something more than it was before, being brought up to the level of human usage. So too, do humans have a higher plane to which they strive, via inner unfulfilled needs and tendencies that are displayed positively or negatively.

The merchant who wants to sell more to make more money is called greedy; but if his product is good, he is also contributing a good to all of humanity that strengthens the connections amongst humans.

It is through our children we can achieve the ends toward which we are each oriented.

Do not discourage them or their inner needs and tendencies --- instead, help them to properly channel their energies towards their own good and that all of all humankind.

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