Adult - Spiritual Preparation - Anger and Other Obstacles

(I know - not a very cheerful topic - but necessary if one wants to fully understand what is known as the Montessori Method)

Thinking mostly of children before age 6: Children can’t explain why they do what they do, but there is a motivation behind every behavior. 

The 3-6 year old is working on his social development in his work of becoming and belonging and he is learning to take responsibility for his own responses. 

This is best done in a situation where the adult provides good modeling, recognizing anger and other vices for what they are, and handling them in a respectful manner

Anger is a natural reaction to many situations with its component emotional, mental and physical responses, but the adult must be the mature one in order to provide a healthy environment for both the child and the adult, one in which both can grow and thrive in their ongoing spiritual development. 

In addition to anger, other obstacles to spiritual development are pride, inflexibility, and impatience, each of which can stem from some form of anger.

The elementary child is modeling his behavior after those around him. By 9-12, the child is firmly within the "hero worship" stage. The adults around the child must be good role models at all age, but even most particularly at the elementary age, where the foundation for moral life is being laid. 

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