Adult - Spiritual Preparation - Anger

         Dr. Montessori states that the essential sin is anger, and with it, pride, for pride covers anger. When we are angry, we are more likely to hurt somebody, physically or psychologically. Anger incorporates an entire family of emotions, including annoyance, sulking, self-righteousness, sarcasm and withdrawnness. 

           It affects our tone of voice and facial gestures (rolling eyes, making faces) and promotes power struggles in taking away items from others. In general, people are angry when needs are not being met – they are unable to take ownership of their need and simply ask for what they need, placing the fault on someone else. If the warning signs are not heeded, the angry person is not likely to get what is needed and he may do something he later regrets. 

            Biologically, the body’s response encourages a fight or flight response, with blood going to the muscles rather than to higher order thinking centers of the brain, causing the person to lose sight of what needs to be done. 

            There is a better way. 

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