Adult - Technical Preparation

We study deeply the developmental materials: their aims, how to present them, the theory behind them: why we have them, how to prepare them. 

The adult must understand and develop skills for making and developing the materials.[1] 

We need to understand most of the discoveries that the child will likely make while working with the materials so that our responses are appropriate and we have a better working knowledge of when to intervene with a creative use of the material.

We diligently practice so that we develop an exactness in our movements, particularly with our hands, but throughout the entire body. 

Timing in not only movements within a presentation but also of when to give a presentation to a child is critical to the child’s success with the materials: too early and the child is confused, discouraged and overwhelmed, but too late and the child is bored, can do the work too easily the first time and is therefore less likely to keep working with the material and make his own discoveries. 

We must be extremely familiar with these materials and these presentations, with lots of hands-on practice, such that we know them so well, our focus can be on the child’s response.

Use the materials yourself - get to know how deep they teach. 

[1] When everything is purchased, the amount of love and care for the environment decreases.

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