Montessori Without Materials !?

You can certainly do "Authentic" Montessori at home without the materials. How is that possible? Because pure Montessori is about the following concepts: 

  • *beauty, simplicity, order
  • *follow the child (the child's interests, abilities, needs)
  • *OBSERVE - and RESPOND appropriately according to the plane of development and individual needs/interests
  • *provide KEY experiences - not overwhelming with too much information, or 10 materials to teach the same concept; or even 1 material that is so busy it doesn't allow for focus
  • *routine and beauty/simplicity/order that allows for developing long periods of concentration
  • *movement integrated with learning, balanced with moments of stillness and silence. 

Not a single specifically Montessori material mentioned ;) 

and for those who do use the specifically designed Montessori materials that do provide the Keys to the World and the Keys to the Universe? They phase out, until there are almost no such materials in upper elementary. 

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