Montessori Albums - Curriculum - Lesson Plans

Montessori albums tell you how to present the materials, how to use the materials, provide guidance on typical best times to present that work option to your child. Your child's abilities and interest dictate the pace.

These provide the curriculum (scope and sequence), the lesson plans (how to present/use the materials), suggested ages and experience ranges.

Authentically Montessori albums should NOT provide daily lesson plans (what to present on each day - your child and you decide this based on the child's interests and abilities). They should not dictate all the follow-ups your child does. Album pages (the lesson plans that tell you how to use the materials) provide some games and extensions that are good for most/all children; and some that are suggested for most/some children. Some follow-ups the children will discover on their own, if we guide them that direction, preparing the environment and our words to encourage their own self-discovery.

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