Spelling Contents in AMI Albums

From the Tables of Contents in Primary Montessori Language and Elementary Montessori Language:

First things first: exposure to the key 40-44 sounds in your dialect (presuming English language - numbers differ in each language). This is done through a keys-based experience with the presentation in the spoken language, writing, and phonetic reading portions of the language albums.


Phonogram Cards

Phonogram Alphabet Exploration

Phonogram Commands




Personal Dictionary

Reading: Puzzle Words

Puzzle Words (primarily reading, but helps with writing too)

Reading: Function of Words

All word lists can become dictation games. 

Word Study

All Word Study lists can become dictation games. 


Chapter II: Grammar and Syntax

           All Word Study provides dictation exercises. 

                        Introduction to Word Study



                                    Compound Words

                                    Word Families


                        Parts of Speech

                                   Each grammar box provides some spelling rules
                                      on one level or another. 

                                    Introduction to the Noun

                                    Oral Presentation of the Noun

                                    Grammar Box II: The Article

                                    Definite and Indefinite Articles

                                    Noun: Number

                                    Noun: Gender

                                    Classification of Nouns:

                                                Common and Proper

                                                Concrete and Abstract

                                                Material and Collective

                                                Classification of Abstract Nouns

                                                Classification Chart

                                    Grammar Box III: The Adjective

                                                Adjective Command Cards & Classification

                                                Comparison of Adjectives

                                    Introduction to the Verb

                                    Grammar Box IV: The Verb

                                                Verb Commands and Synonyms

                                    Other Grammar Boxes & Commands Cards - Notes

                                    Grammar Box V: The Preposition

                                    Grammar Box VI: The Adverb

                                    Grammar Box VII: The Pronoun

                                    Grammar Box VIII: The Conjunction

                                    Grammar Box IX: The Interjection

                                                Additional Grammar Symbols

                                    Personal Pronouns

                        Introduction to the Tenses of the Verb
                                practice in changing the endings with the verb tense

                                    Simple Tense: Present

                                    Simple Tense: Past

                                    Auxiliary Verbs

                                    Simple Tense: Future

                                    The Perfect Tenses

                                    The Infinitive and Moods

                                    Negative Form of the Verb


Chapter III: Written Language

            Written Language Part I & II

            The Content of Children’s Work

          Be checking for spelling issues here; develop the child's dictionary with words and needed rules from here. 

Appendix: Vendolia’s Rules for Writers

Appendix: Singular/Plural Chart

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  1. Perfect guide :) I don't know what else to say - it's perfect :) Thanks for providing an easy-to-understand run down of what can make up the basis of a Montessori approach to spelling :)