Snake Games, Part 2

There are only THREE snake games:
As started in first post, when it says gray with red binding,
actually DO that. Everything shows up nicely on GRAY. 

  1. Addition Snake Game
  2. Subtraction Snake Game
  3. Negative Snake Game

(for the first Montessori Nugget on snake games, visit this Montessori Nugget from last June)

Addition and Subtraction are done in primary or very early elementary (can be continued through lower elementary as practice is needed).

Negative Snake Game is an elementary material when we are preparing the children to work with truly negative numbers (in a way, subtraction is already "adding a negative" but with the negative snake game, we can actually get an answer below zero).

Each Snake Game has verification steps.

The verification step 2 of the addition snake game has the child grouping his original snake by lengths of bead bars and multiplying each group to see if his golden snake matches. (details are in the album)

Presumably, you can do that work with all of the snake games in the appropriate places.

Some people are calling this a separate snake game: Multiplication Snake Game. It's not a different snake game. It's a verification method on the addition (and again, presumably the other snake games).


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