Elementary Science Supplies

Excerpt from related blog posts on "What Materials are Needed to have an Elementary Montessori Environment"? 
Montessori Keys of the Universe Kit
Science supply area (in elementary) - you want the generic supplies available, along with a few resources to generate ideas, so that if they have a question about something, they can work it out relatively quickly.

Anyone using AMI-style elementary albums now have the option at Home Science Tools to purchase a kit for the geography and biology albums - with just about everything you need in one package!

(I do not make any money when you purchase that kit - it is simply something I set up to make the obtaining of the needed materials easier for those who are using AMI elementary Montessori albums).


  1. I just found this. I order from this company frequently and I love their materials. (They take me back to my chemistry days in college.) THANK YOU for this kit!! I was trying to figure out from your KoTU albums what to order from them. This helps SOOO much! THANKS!

  2. looks like this kit is no longer available? bummer.

    1. That is correct. It turns out most people who were reporting they were buying the kit were actually using the list as an order list and purchasing the items individually; so the company didn't think the kit was bringing in any income and they stopped selling it.

      It IS a bummer.