Elementary Montessori Materials Continue into Adolescence

Montessori materials truly go DEEP. Perhaps Montessori didn't have time to develop every detail from birth to college, but she left us an outline and some people have been able to follow Dr. Montessori's trailblazing style. 

Looking at the Elementary and/or Primary Materials used into Montessori Adolescent Algebra
  • Geometry Sticks
  • Fraction Circles (metal works fine, but the plastic materials with the multiplies of each fraction family from 1 to 1/10 – you do NOT need or want the children to use fraction segments beyond 1/10)
  • Bead bars, squares and cubes from the bead cabinet (“complete bead material”)
  • Wooden cubing material
  • Power of 2 (Power of 3 if you purchased that too – or just make one)
  • Pythagorean Insets
  • Binomial Cube
  • Multiplication Checkerboard
  • Pegboard (ensure it is sized to your geometry sticks – so they all align properly – this generally means holes that are 1 cm apart from one another)
  • Yellow Area Material
  • Large and small geometric solids
  • Number/operations tiles – with some additions, including adding in the fraction labels as well (called Special Math Symbols on the adolescent album)
  • Set of 12 blue right-angled triangles

For review purposes:
  • Decanomial bead bar box (called “large bead bar box” in the album)
  • Constructive triangles


  1. Hello and thank you for this wonderful resource.

    I am a homeschool mum.

    With regards to the complete bead material I was planning to buy the short bead chain, a complete set of coloured bead squares with all the squares needed to emulate the cubes of 1- 10 and the respective cubes. Will I be needing the extra short chains?

    1. The complete bead material includes 10 short chains, 10 long chains, 10 cubes, and squares that match the number (ie 2 squares of 2; 3 square of 3, etc. to stack onto each other and create the cube). To be able to practice skip counting, factors and such, the long chains have much more depth and use than the short chains.

      I hope that helps!