Montessori - Broadcasting Seeds

Looking around us at the cultural development of our epoch of evolution, we see no limits to what must be offered to the children, for theirs will be an immense field of chosen activity, and they should not be hampered by ignorance.

But to give the whole of modern culture has become an impossibility and so a need arises for a special method, whereby all factors of culture may be introduced to six year olds; not in a syllabus to be imposed upon them, not with exactitude of detail, but in the broadcasting of the maximum seeds of interest.

These will be held lightly in the mind, but will be capable of later germination, as the will becomes more directive.”

(Maria Montessori,  To Educate the Human Potential)


  1. There is much less pressure on me when my responsibility is to sow seeds rather than implant all necessary knowledge in my children's brains; when I feel less pressure I am more free, and I know my children learn better in an atmosphere of freedom with responsibility, as opposed to an environment of all imposed responsibility. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. You are very welcome. I love going back to Dr. Montessori's own explanations ;)