Montessori Albums - Curriculum and Discovery

We do not use the albums as a curriculum but only as a guide. We want the child to discover all that we don’t show him. This discovery versus direct teaching allows the children to be truly inspired – the doors are opened for them and they make the discoveries on their own so that the learning becomes truly theirs and they are enticed and inspired to further exploration.

Montessori believed that too much regulation can lead to rebellion, while too much freedom can lead to chaos. It is important to balance the two.[1]   “The first thing her education demands is the provision of an environment in which he can develop the powers given her by nature. This does not mean just to amuse her and let her do as she likes. But it does mean that we have to adjust our minds to doing a work of collaboration with nature, to being obedient to one of her laws, the law which decrees that development comes from environmental experience.”[2]

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[2] Dr. Montessori, Maria. (1949).  The Absorbent Mind, p94, Kalakshetra Publications, 12th Edition

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