What Does Montessori Elementary Look Like?

Here is a nice straight-forward article about what elementary Montessori looks like:
Montessori Elementary is Different: What Children Study, What Children Do


  1. Loved it, thanks for sharing. I liked the emphasis on how the elementary education is a preparation to know ones place in the cosmic world before adolescence to help with the inquiry on the individual self that arises then.

    1. I think some of my course participants are starting to roll their eyes at my routine refrain of real-life practical skills now so that the hormonal-emotional time of adolescence the child can express himself creatively and NOT worry about learning new things, new skills during a high-stress time, is a GOOD thing. :)

      It's not that adolescents won't learn anything, it's that if we plan ahead for proper outlets for the emotions and hormones, give them a grand vision of the universe and time to contemplate before their emotions kick in, and provide opportunities for them to explore their own place before they "get there", the difference in their relationships and outlook on life will be amazing!