Read Real Books

Within Montessori, we strive to provide children the tools they need, at the best windows of opportunity for them to live fulfilling lives. In this way, we help to develop their natural curiosity in a healthy manner so that they remain life-long learners.

Montessori Services booklets
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just a sample of real books a primary
child could read to himself at age 5
When they are given the tools they need for reading and are not bogged down by sequenced readers on irrelevant topics, but instead provided booklets on real information of interest to them, they are then exposed to a great many subjects and a real desire for reading bursts into a bright flame that is difficult to thereafter extinguish.

In Montessori we want to give the children real work, so let's give them real booklets on real topics:
botany, zoology, events in their own classroom, events in their own lives, booklets about the materials in the classroom, booklets with instructions on how to play a game, booklets on the places they want to study in geography, booklets about math and geometry topics, booklets about the people they know.

In elementary, their reading can truly take flight. We still continue with our oral stories, but the children discover a great deal more in reading stories, researching, writing down interview answers and reading them back to their classmates -- reading and writing are embedded in everything they do.

Let's keep it REAL for them! Meaningful!

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