Keys - Montessori Principles

The Montessori Method is based on KEYS.

These keys unlock doors of wonder, exploration and joy of life.

There are specific keys for each subject area as well as each plane of development; today we will look at the over-arching keys:

  • Follow the Child
  • No duplicate materials to teach the same concept
  • Control of error (now, how this looks will change with each age)
  • Only give the child enough to entice his imagination and desire to learn more
  • Assure a solid foundation is provided (provide all the basics)
  • Freedom with Discipline and Responsibility (only give what they can handle)
  • The environment forms the child (but the adult controls the environment)
  • The environment includes the people, the physical components and the attitude
  • Responsibility for one's work (this needs varying adult guidance/requirements at each age)
  • How do you discover these keys? Observe. 

First Plane: Give the child the keys to the world

Second Plane: Give the child the keys to the universe

Third Plane: Give the child the keys to his vocation.

Fourth Plane: Give the child the keys to the future. 

Keys to knowledge are significant in our work with the children during both of the first two planes of development, keys open up possibilities for the child’s own work and therefore they allow some change to take place within the child.
Mary Hayes, Montessori's View of Cosmic Education 

How have you seen these keys at work in the child and in the adults? How can you re-focus your approach to focus on the keys? 

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