Friday, April 20, 2012

Giveaway Post for May 1

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Keys of the Universe giveaway once again!

1 month free giveaway (2 months if you are in the 16-month course) - $40 value!
Elementary Montessori Albums - straight from AMI training, with minor adaptations for clarity
Online support for homeschoolers and teachers - online discussion community AND private e-mail support

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How is the winner chosen? We're Montessori, so it's quite hands-on! Every time a comment comes in, my son writes the number of that comment on a slip of paper and we put it in a shoe-box. On the right day, he puts a lid on the box, shakes it up really, really well; I hold it above his head and he reaches in and pulls out a number. Whichever comment is drawn out - is the winner!

Good luck! 

The winner will be announced May 1 at this post!
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Good luck!


  1. Hello there!
    I joined the newsletter, joined you on Facebook,joined this site and my question is.....
    My 10yr old has been in public school all of her education. I'd eventually like to homeschool her and I know she is a hands on person. Will I have to come up with more creative ways to keep her working or will the Montessori method cover all of her needs?

    1. (note to those entering the giveaway, my reply does not count as a comment ;) )

      to Misty: great question - I have scheduled a post for May 31 to answer your question more fully.

      The short answer is YES. Us adults gain so much from it, there's never truly an entirely "too late".

      Starting younger is better for the fullest benefit; but anytime a child is freed up from constraints, there will be adjustments to make, modifications to make for a short time; but the benefits will be wonderful!

      At the base of the Montessori Method is respect for the child at their particular plane of development; elementary will be adjusted for her so that she can have the best possible experience; then she will move into the adolescent phase which is a bit different from the outside looking in. It is a wonderful journey of its own :)

  2. Thank you for all the informations, I've learned a great deal.
    Hope to be chosen for the elementary album giveaway.

  3. Hi! I receive the Keys of the Universe newsletter for sometime already!

  4. Hi - I already follow Follow Keys of the Universe on Facebook (my FB name is Sandra Mil)

  5. Tweeted with pleasure! :)!/sandrachirps/status/196246913765482497

  6. I am already subscribed via e-mail feed.

  7. Hm, what I am wondering about Montessori elementary is if it is considered that children who are starting with elementary already have a knowledge of the materials presented in 3-6 albums, or any child, without any prior Montessori based knowledge gained can start it?

    1. To answer your question here (it will be covered more thoroughly in the May 31 upcoming Nugget) - YES any child of any age can start. If we adults benefit, then most definitely children of all ages will benefit, even if "new" to Montessori. Modifications will be made.

      The ideal situation is that a child has at least a full primary experience with parents accommodating at home (if a school setting). But if they don't, we have information in the elementary albums to bring them up to par appropriate to their current development.

      Thank you for asking!

  8. I did comment on "Mathematics - Table of Content" post but from the other email address (my gmail address), as Sandra...

  9. Hello! I just joined this site. I "like" you on facebook, and I subscribe to your newsletter! Blessings!