Great Lessons
Cosmic Education

(resources to purchase Great Lessons information is listed below)

Great Lessons in General:

Videos on the Great Lessons

Cosmic Education in Elementary

When to Present the Lessons - Overview

Cosmic Education in Adolescence

First Great Lesson: Geography

God Who Has No Hands - Main Notes

Second Great Lesson: History

Coming of Life - Main Notes

Third Great Lesson: Biology

Coming of Human Beings - Main Notes

Fourth Great Lesson: Language

Fifth Great Lesson: Mathematics

Where Can I Purchase Guides on the Great Lessons? 
Any elementary Montessori album set that is truly Montessori will have the Great Lessons incorporated across the subject album guides. You should not need to purchase something separate if you have a proper Montessori elementary album set.

If you are not looking to purchase an entire set and JUST want the Great Lessons:
  • Keys of the Universe Cosmic Education Album (or incorporated throughout all of the albums)
  • NAMC Great Lessons/Cosmic Education Album
  • Montessori Services: Children of the Universe (book)

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