Monday, September 29, 2014

Montessori Changes with Age

Montessori at preschool/kindergarten is NOT the same as Montessori at elementary or Montessori at adolescence.

But it is the same.


  • Respect for the development of the child in that moment.
  • Provide keys; time/material to explore interests.
  • Development of child's innate human capabilities through human needs and tendencies.


  • Primary (preschool/kindergarten) is keys to the WORLD; elementary is keys to the UNIVERSE; adolescence is keys to ONESELF and one's place in the cosmic plan.
  • Primary we have movement and words separate - in elementary and adolescence we can give words with the actions.
  • Primary (and infant/toddler) is the absorbent mind; elementary is the reasoning mind.
  • Primary gets some work already prepared for them on trays or on a shelf; elementary, they collect the items they need from their natural locations or supply shelves (planning through what they need so they don't have to stop their work and get another item).
  • Adolescence we are giving them the keys they need to live an adult life. They are not adults yet, but we start practicing those skills, so they don't entirely flounder later. Indeed we set them up for success.

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