Monday, December 17, 2012

Timeline of Civilizations

There is a Timeline of Civilizations that is so simple yet so striking for the elementary children - usually upper elementary, although many 8 year olds begin to work with it as well.

This Timeline of Civilizations is not available for sale at any of the Montessori companies (please do post a comment if you know somewhere that does sell it!). Perhaps there is a non-Montessori version that is simplistic and essential and to the point!

It takes all of recorded human history and marks down all of the civilizations onto one long piece of paper, spanning 6000 BC to the year 2000 AD. It can easily be extended to the current day.

How striking to have all of human history, all those great and small civilizations - all of us, right through to today and present-day civilizations - all of us on one piece of paper.

Perhaps even a bit more humbling and gratifying than the red line we have used in the early presentations and continue to use in the Black Strip and the Hand Timeline. Now we see the details - we see that all fits within that red strip.

This material is not meant to stir up a whole slew of new work, but like the Black Strip to be something of a consolidation for the older children, bring together previous details, before delving into new ones. These upper elementary are less apt to request repetition, but still need it - and this material fills that need.

Click here for more images of this material.


  1. I haven't come across anything as comprehensive as your timeline, a search of the web can provide some that are great starting points or focus really well on ancient civilizations. Will you start selling copies? ;-)

    1. Maybe! I have to check into copy-right on it but will likely have to create something "different" that covers the same time period so as to respect copyright laws.

  2. I would love to get one too. Did you create this or get it through training?

    1. The photographs above are the uncolored timeline received in AMI training, hence my copyright concern, just to be safe.

      I have also received several private requests, so I will bump this up in priority ;)

  3. ETC has a timeline of ancient civilizations.

    1. Sara - Thank you for sharing! ETC's timeline is BEAUTIFUL! And I bet it could be very useful for particular studies and particular students.

      To everyone - Unfortunately it is NOT the timeline described in the post above. It clearly stops at 300 AD and the timeline above is a "Timeline of Civilizations" - a representation of all major (and some minor) civilizations of *all (recorded) time* - that is the key difference and the key frustration when looking for this material.

      The "direct aim" of the related page is related to an overview of *all* civilizations - not just the (very fascinating and wonderful to study) ancient civilizations, but the (equally fascinating in their own right and part of our lives just as much if not more than those ancient civilizations) more modern civilizations.

      Interestingly enough, every company I contacted about creating this timeline and offering it for sale, kept directing me to the Ancient Civilizations, so I'm not sure how to better clarify the difference between "Ancient Civilizations" and "ALL Civilizations". There must be another way to say it!


      Just one more thought on the Ancient Civilizations timelines - these are the type of timelines, I would expect a *child* to create once he has been given the grand overview ("all civilizations") and interest has been enticed to study a particular time period - thus he creates a timeline showing all the civilizations present during a particular time period. This would get the child working within various time periods of human history - organizing the available information himself.

      Thus, a child's work, rather than an adult's creation or presentation (or monetary purchase) ;)

  4. I FOUND ONE! This is still not exactly the Montessori version, But I would HAPPY to use this in our homeschool and co-op, cutting off the "extra information" to add back in as an extension later in time.

    Printables are available inexpensively or the poster size version is available for $25. I have ordered from them before - excellent quality, both mailed items and online purchases.

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